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Just Adopted a New Cat and Aren't Sure How to Make Friends With It? Here Are Three Ideas

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Popular opinion says that dogs are open books while their feline counterparts are cloaked in mystery — and while it's true that dogs are usually far easier to read than cats, that's often because we're more familiar with the communication style of dogs. Cats have a different language, and getting to know them isn't the generally straightforward process involved with becoming friends with a dog. However, cats resemble dogs in that the bonds they form with their humans are strong and lifelong. 

Here's what you need to know about making friends with your cat.

Don't Rush Your Cat

One of the biggest mistakes new cat owners make is trying to rush a relationship with their fledgling feline friend. However, this approach makes many cats even more wary of humans it doesn't know. It's always best to let cats come to you so that your friendship with them develops on their terms. Going about your normal business while you're at home will help your new cat become comfortable with its surroundings. Do not be alarmed if your cat hides under dressers, beds, and other dark places for a couple of days after you first bring it home.  Keep in mind that cats evolved in a desert environment where food was scarce and were prey for certain predators — this is why they like to hide in secluded places. 

Play With Your Cat 

Another way to get to know your cat is to play with it. Cats are naturally curious and playful, and most of them respond well to toys that replicate typical "cat and mouse" games. Wand-style toys, for instance, with feathers or other attachments on strings are usually considered great fun by cats because they activate their predatory instincts. Cats also like wind-up mice. 

See a Pet Psychic

A good session or two with a pet psychic can help provide you with insight into your feline friend's distinct personality. You'll learn what makes it tick and what makes it unique from other cats. If you've adopted an adult cat or even an older kitten, you may also gain some valuable knowledge into your pet's past that you can use to form a faster and better bond. For instance, if your cat was abandoned by a former caretaker, it may take longer than usual to regain its trust in humans.  Keep in mind that the love and friendship of a cat are worth all of the time and effort it may take. Reach out to a local psychic for an animal psychic reading.