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Three Jobs to Seek at a Casino

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A casino is a bright, cheery, and exciting environment for the people who spend recreational time there as well as the staff. If you like this environment and are looking to make a career change, you might wish to think about applying for a job at a local casino. Large casinos are constantly looking to add to their staffing, so you shouldn't have trouble finding a position that suits your set of skills and appeals to your areas of interest. Beyond the usual positions such as dealers and security officers, here are three jobs that you might wish to seek in a casino.

1. Money Room Attendant

If you're personable and good with money, you might think about working as a money room attendant. In this position, you'll be responsible for a variety of money-related tasks. This list can include counting the money after a fellow attendant has emptied a slot machine or other type of gaming terminal, handing money to casino guests in exchange for their gaming vouchers, and more. There are a lot of similarities between this position and working as a bank teller. You'll need to be focused despite the busy environment around you and adept at counting large sums of money.

2. Maintenance Technician

Another type of casino job to consider is becoming a maintenance technician. There are a number of people who work in this capacity in every casino, and these individuals are valuable for keeping the games in proper working order. A game that suffers some type of malfunction stops being able to earn money for the casino, so you'll need to identify the issue and repair the machine to get it back in service. Technical know-how, the ability to work quickly, and a degree of physical strength will all be necessary for this role.

3. Host

Casinos employ hosts to ensure that their guests feel welcome. This position can also be called a concierge. As a host, you're responsible for greeting guests and offering to help them in a variety of ways. High-roller guests are considered a top priority because their prolonged presence can be highly profitable for the casino. A casino host will take care of any small detail that a preferred guest may have — for example, if the guest wants tickets to a show at the casino, the host may be able to secure them at no charge.

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