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What Is Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, And How Can It Help People Recover From Drug Or Alcohol Addiction?

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Drug or alcohol addiction can damage your relationship with friends and family, and it can also have serious financial and legal consequences. Quitting drugs and alcohol and avoiding relapse can help you repair the relationships in your life and get it back on track. One method that can help is rational emotive behavior therapy, which helps you deal with cravings as a result of a stressful event occurring in your life. Read More»

Setting The Record Straight: Debunking False Beliefs About Psychic Spiritual Healing

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Have you ever heard someone say that psychic spiritual healing is a magical practice that can cure any ailment? Or perhaps you’ve been told there are some dark forces at work when it comes to this form of healing? If so, don’t worry — these false beliefs about psychic spiritual healing are entirely baseless. This article aims to set the record straight about some of the most common myths associated with this practice. Read More»